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  1. Gross profit – operating expenses =
  2. For the service rendered by member to the society, a payment known as ____ may be paid.
  3. The general body of a society shall pass a resolution to promote a subsidiary institution only with the prior approval of ___.
  4. Registrar shall issue a duplicate registration certificate on the basis of:
  5. Audit fee of SCU is based on:
  6. ___ is created to meet the unforeseen losses of the co-operative society.
  7. The government shall nominate the representatives in the managing committee of ___ society only.
  8. Analysis of the change of financial position of a company from one period to another period is called ___.
  9. A quantitative statement prepared for a future period is called ____.
  10. Difference in cost die to decrease or increase of producing one unit from the normal production is called ____.
  11. A person who owes something is called ___.
  12. Lean accounting is one of the type of ____ accounting.
  13. If the service of the probationer is found not satisfactory, he shall be dismissed by the managing committee with the prior permission of the ____.
  14. The ___ should prepare a list of members of co-operative societies who are eligible to get assistance from member relief fund.
  15. After announcement of results, the returning officer shall seal all the material used for the election and hand over to:
  16. First Indian province that started a consumer co-operative society?
  17. First registrar of co-operative societies in Travancore?
  18. The monthly ‘ParasparaSahayi’ was published by _______.
  19. The Kerala state co-operative union came into existence on _____.
  20. The friendly society was firstly formed in ___.
  21. KCS Act section 60 and rule 57 deals with ____.
  22. Under certain abnormal circumstances, who is empowered to supersede the managing committee under section 32 of KCS Act?
  23. What percentage of vacancies in apex societies are reserved for the employees of member societies?
  24. Whose life has often been described as ‘a life of rich promises and poor performance’?
  25. Customs duty paid on imported goods is charged to which account?
  26. A promissory note is made by the _____.
  27. Bill of exchange drawn on a specified banker is called ____.
  28. National Housing Bank is fully owned by ____.
  29. The committee which recommended computerisation in banks as a means to improve customer service is ____.
  30. Vaidhyanathan committee report was submitted in which year?
  31. Busche is a co-operative workshop in which country?
  32. Fluctuation generally connected with which assets?
  33. How many types of debentures are issued by SCARDB?
  34. The share suspense account should be deposited in the financing bank within how many days?
  35. Lead bank scheme introduced in the year?
  36. A company is an artificial ___ made by law?
  37. Debenture holders are ____ of a company.
  38. __________ at a fixed rate is given to debenture holders.
  39. Redemption of debentures means ____ of liability of debentures.
  40. Companies have ___ obligation to prepare final accounts.
  41. Which scheme adopts whole from approach and reasonable component for consumption need?
  42. The new infrastructural investment bank to be formed in Asia is ____.
  43. Which five year plan recognized co-operation as an instrument of planned economic action in economy?
  44. The first co-operative society formed in Malabar is _____.
  45. The registrar has power to recover money or property lost to the society on account of misconduct of officer or employee. This is known as ______.
  46. Schulze started the first credit society at Delitzch in ____.
  47. Associationism and grange movement are in the history of co-operative movement of which country?
  48. Pioneer province in the field of consumer co-operatives is ___.
  49. The Saraswath co-operative society, setup in Bombay province was the first in its kind in the field of ___.
  50. FCPC scheme related to ___.
  51. National Equity Fund Scheme is associated with ___.
  52. CRR to be maintained in the form of ____.
  53. Official name of world bank is ____.
  54. LAF deals with ____.
  55. Which type of mortgage involves lending money to senior citizens without the need of regular repayments?
  56. The process by which auditor satisfies himself the unencumbered existence of an asset is ___.
  57. Generally a company auditor is appointed by _______.
  58. Sinking fund is created for ____.
  59. Ideal quick ratio is usually ___.
  60. Closing stock is valued at lower cost or net realisable value. This is accordance with ___ principle.
  61. In a single entry system, statement of affairs is prepared to ascertain ______.
  62. Co-operation is a term of organization where in person voluntarily associate together as human beings on the basis for the promotion of economic interest of themselves is the definition given by whom?
  63. The first scheduled apex co-operative bank in the country?
  64. Kibbutz is a typical example of ___ in Israel.
  65. NDDB was constituted in the year ___.
  66. Renewal fee for patent is a ____ expenditure.
  67. A record of important information gathered in connection with the conduct of audit is ___.
  68. Partners current account are maintained when the capital as ____.
  69. The Kerala Khadi and Village industries commission was established in the year ___.
  70. Expand LAF.
  71. Rebate is related to ___ type of societies.
  72. ___ type of societies arranges the farm need of agriculture.
  73. The balance of forfeited shares account, after the re-issue of such shares, will be transferred to __.
  74. Essential feature of Danish Co-operative movement is ___.
  75. The area of operation of a society is not overlapping with the area of operation of another society of similar type is mentioned in section __ of KCS Act.
  76. Susman scheme is related to ___ societies.
  77. How many co-operative regional milk producers union are there in Kerala?
  78. RBI introduced differential rate on interest scheme in the year ___.
  79. Who pointed out that co-operative flag denotes ‘unity in diversity’?
  80. The co-operative movement in India is indebted to ___.
  81. ______ debentures are not issued by PCARDB.
  82. Who is associated with the council of multi-purpose society?
  83. Under which operation flood, the national milk grid was built?
  84. Expand PSL
  85. Old name of KSCARDB.
  86. ACSTI is run by ___.
  87. UNICOOP in Japan was started in ___.
  88. SBI introduced equity fund scheme in ___.
  89. The first co-operative college started in Kerala was at ____.
  90. The chairman of the committee which recommended the first co-operative legislation in India was __.
  91. Debt equity ratio is a ___ ratio.
  92. Any sign, symbol or word which indicated the origin or ownership of a product as distinguished from its quality is called ___.
  93. Depreciation is a ___ cost.
  94. ICA approved a committee in ___ for the reshaping the co-operative principles.
  95. Father of co-operative movement in USA?
  96. Leader of co-operative congress held at Kozhikode?
  97. AIRCSC was appointed by ___.
  98. Deposits accepted from members of a society is a ___.
  99. The word ___ literally means ‘things to be done’.
  100. Who has to ensure the proper utilization of loan given to members?



  1. Operating Profit
  2. Honorarium
  3. RCS
  4. Audit certificate and the records available with the registrar
  5. No Audit Fee
  6. Reserve Fund
  7. Assisted Societies
  8. Fund Flow Analysis
  9. Budget
  10. Marginal Cost
  11. Debtor
  12. Cost Accounting
  13. Registrar
  14. Registrar
  15. Secretary of the society
  16. Madras
  17. Govindapillai
  18. Malabar Central Co-operative Bank
  19. 21-11-2070
  20. England
  21. Restriction on transactions with non-members
  22. Registrar
  23. 50%
  24. Robert Owen
  25. Trading Account
  26. Debtor
  27. A Cheque
  28. RBI
  29. Rangarajan
  30. 2005
  31. France
  32. Current Assets
  33. 3 Types
  34. 14 Days
  35. 1969
  36. Person
  37. Creditors
  38. Interest
  39. Discharge
  40. Statutory
  41. Kisan Credit Card Scheme
  42. AIIB
  43. First
  44. Koduvayoor Agriculture Society
  45. Surcharge
  46. 1850
  47. USA
  48. Madras
  49. Housing
  50. Exim Bank
  51. SIDBI
  52. Balance with RBI
  53. IBRD
  54. Liquidity
  55. Reverse Mortgage
  56. Verification
  57. Share Holders
  58. Redemption of wasting assets
  59. 1:1
  60. Conservatism
  61. Capital
  62. H Calvert
  63. Kerala State Co-operative Bank
  64. Co-operative Farming
  65. 1965
  66. Revenue
  67. Audit Notebook
  68. Fixed
  69. 1957
  70. Liquidity Adjustment Facility
  71. Handloom
  72. Service Societies
  73. Capital Reserve
  74. Voluntary Development
  75. Section 7(1)
  76. Handloom
  77. 3
  78. 1972
  79. Charles Guide
  80. Germany
  81. Perpetual
  82. ManilalNanavathy
  83. Operation Flood II
  84. Priority Sector Lending
  85. Kerala Co-operative Central Land Mortgage Bank
  86. KSCB
  87. 1961
  88. 1978
  89. Thiruvananthapuram
  90. Sir Edward Law
  91. Solvency
  92. Trademark
  93. Variable
  94. 1934
  95. Hudson Kelly
  96. Appakutty
  97. RBI
  98. Liability
  99. Agenda
  100. Managing Committee


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