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  1. Who is the president of SPCS?
  2. _____________ was the chairman of committee on model co-operative societies act:
  3. Provision made for NPA is:
  4. Deposit made by foreign banks in India is:
  5. Any dispute relating to the election to the CCU shall be referred to the:
  6. Which schedule of KCS Act deals with ‘Co-operative Principles’?
  7. Dual aspect concept is also known as_________.
  8. Chain banking system is most popular in:
  9. Amount payable by the society to the government for concurrent auditors is ___________.
  10. W. Taylor launched the scientific management in:
  11. ‘THE END OF ECONOMIC MAN’ was the book written by:
  12. Expand NLM related with management.
  13. Which state has highest number of co-operatives?
  14. Which is the largest private co-operative group in India?
  15. Which country is called the ‘country of co-operative’?
  16. Recovery of sums due to government mentioned in which section of KCS Act?
  17. Chemical factory of KRIBHCO is at:
  18. MIS is implemented by NAFED.Expand MIS.
  19. Number of days’ notice shall be given for meeting of MC of CCU is:
  20. Potentially Linked Credit Plan was implemented by __________.
  21. The year in which the National Policy on Co-Operation is declared in India?
  22. Study of the movement of both the workers and the machine to eliminate wasteful movement is ___________________.
  23. The sequence of accounting procedures repeated each accounting year to record and summaries business transactions is called:
  24. An identified group of people contributing their efforts towards the attainment of goals is called an:
  25. Who is empowered to record and attest the service book of chief executive of a co-operative society
  26. Which was the first bank setup under the RRB Act in India?
  27. Compliance with statutory requirements under sec.18& sec.24 of BR Act is a major objective of :
  28. “An auditor is only a watch dog and not a blood hound”- said by
  29. The marketing co-operative was organized in Hubli, in the former Bombay province in _______
  30. Rule 52 of KCS Act deals with :
  31. Where is the headquarters of Oriental Bank Of Commerce?
  32. Central agency of wholesale societies of west Germany:
  33. “Fighting poverty in Asia and Pacific” is the motto of
  34. ___________ said co-operation in India was result of government policy.
  35. ___________ is the first development bank in the country:
  36. NHRDF registered under
  37. First oil mill complex organized by KERAFED run at:
  38. “Theory, History and Practice of Co-operation” the book written by:
  39. Proving membership to local body institution is one of the turning point of
  40. Consolidation Fund : Japan::Without Boundaries Fund: _____________
  41. Lease financing is __________ type of service provided by commercial bank
  42. Payment bank is suggested by a committee headed by _________
  43. Rule __________ of KSC Act requires the submission of schedules along with the submission of audit memorandum:
  44. Father of the concept of job enrichment:
  45. _____________ method of inventory valuation ensures the matching of current cost with current revenue:
  46. General Agreement to Borrow was started by _____________ in ____________
  47. Selling price below that of the competitor is called:
  48. 16th Indian Co-operative Congress (June 2013) held at:
  49. The audit fee or cost shall be paid by the society concerned with in _________ of intimation (sec. 64 [7]):
  50. In the case of failure of failure of remittance of member relief fund, the chief executive of the society making such default shall be liable to pay a penal interest  rate is_____
  51. The term ‘Lead Link Scheme’ relates to ________ type of society :
  52. A register of details of all registered societies along with the date of amendment of byelaw should be maintained in form no:______
  53. Mehta committee on co-operative administration was appointed in the year:
  54. Tests of control are not concerned with ________ of controls :
  55. Formation of co-operative wholesale store was the development of co-operation in :
  56. The members of KOLKHOZ, are organized into working group are known as :
  57. A global mark for co-operatives by the ICA “coop” was introduced in the year :
  58. Distress purchase scheme related to ___________ co-operative society:
  59. Lush baby oil is a product of :
  60. Suppliers personal accounts are shown on the ________
  61. If it is required to maintain fixed capitals then the partners shares of profits must be:
  62. Agricultural finance committee was headed by :
  63. Aksharapuraskaram by SPCS 2021 award winner :
  64. KYC guidelines norms have been introduced on the recommendation made by:
  65. In fulfillment of ______________ concept, contingent liabilities are shown outside the balance sheet:
  66. When goods distributed as free samples debited to ___________ account:
  67. A co-operative bank may issue unsecured debentures or bonds with initial or original maturity of not less than:
  68. The book “ The Psychology of Management“ was published by:
  69. RUBCO is classified as ___________ type of society:
  70. Cattle breeding co-operative in Denmark:
  71. The federated co-operative ltd. Is the wholesale societies of :
  72. Which was the first collective farm organized in Bulgaria?
  73. Multi State Co-operative Societies Act 2002 was based on the recommendations of _______________
  74. The first meeting of a new committee shall be convened within __________ days from date of election:
  75. Shares enjoyed ‘disproportionate voting rights’ are called:
  76. For conducting an enquiry, requisition required from not less than ___________ of total members:
  77. Village adoption scheme: SBI::Village adoption plan: ____________
  78. Co-operative tribunals are the recommendations of ___________
  79. The co-operative societies are exempted from compulsory registration of instruments as per section___________ of KCS Act:
  80. Headquarters of Tobacco Fed is situated at:
  81. Processing unit of consumer fed :
  82. Jhunjhunu is the power plant of :
  83. Neelokeri experiment is related to:
  84. __________ is an app that lets you make simple, easy and quick payment transactions using unified payments interface(UPI):
  85. General body defined in section ___ of KCS Act :
  86. The book “ Co-operation Today and Tomorrow” written by:
  87. COPOL is a product of:
  88. A set of procedure specially designed for each audit is called:
  89. Passing annual report is an important duty of the ___________
  90. In a co-operative building society the ownership of land is ______________
  91. The word credit is derived from the ____________ word ____________
  92. Which committee recommended the formation of industrial co-operative federation at state level?
  93. The person sending out the goods is called:
  94. Terms and conditions of service of state co-operative election commission deals with:
  95. Trade Deposit : Consumer Societies::Trade Credit: _____________
  96. An audit report which contain certain conditions are called:
  97. Indian Tourism Co-operative Ltd. (Co Op Tour) is sponsored by _________ organization
  98. “Anthipacha” is related to _____________ co-operative organization:
  99. Mutual Aided Credit Society in Japan:
  100. Who promulgated the theory of “Bureaucracy”: 


  • K. Harikumar
  • Brahmaprakash
  • Risk cost
  • Vostro account
  • Registrar
  • Schedule II
  • Accounting equivalence concept
  • USA
  • Audit cost
  • 1910
  • Peter F Drucker
  • Non-Linear Management
  • Maharashtra (567)
  • Brazil
  • 79
  • Hazira (Gujarat)
  • Market Intervention Scheme
  • 3 days
  • 2002
  • Motion study
  • Accounting cycle
  • Organization
  • President
  • Gour Gramin Bank
  • Fund management
  • Kingston Cotton Mill Case
  • 1915
  • Deduction from salary or wages
  • Gurugram
  • Asian Development Bank
  • Horrace Plunket
  • IFCI
  • Societies Registration Act 1860
  • Karunagapally
  • D. Bedi
  • 1999 Act
  • Sweden
  • General utility service
  • NachiketMor
  • 64(3)
  • Frederick Herzberg
  • LIFO Method
  • IMF, 1962
  • Predatory Pricing
  • New Delhi
  • 30 days
  • 6% p.a
  • Consumer society
  • Form no:4
  • 1963
  • Effectiveness
  • Britain
  • Brigades
  • 2013
  • Coir
  • Rubco
  • Purchase ledger
  • Credited to partners current account
  • Gadgil
  • Sunil P Elayidam
  • Financial action task force
  • Full disclosure
  • Advertisement
  • 10 years
  • William Gilbreth
  • Federal Agro Industrial Society
  • Bull club
  • Canada
  • Brahma Prakash Chaudhary Committee
  • 1 week
  • Founder shares
  • 1/3rd of members
  • Committee on Co-operative Law1957
  • 41
  • Gujarat
  • Mattanchery
  • K. Day
  • Bharat Interface for Money (BHIM0
  • 2(k)
  • Paul Roy
  • Malabar District Producers Sales Society
  • Audit Programme
  • General body
  • Member
  • Latin word, Credo
  • P. Pattel
  • Consigner
  • Rule 35C
  • Marketing Societies
  • Qualified Report
  • Matsya Fed
  • Max Webbe




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