100 ചോദ്യങ്ങളും ഉത്തരങ്ങളും


1.The administrative control of Khadi and Village Industries Societies is vested to:

2.Employment assistance to dependent employees dying in harness are dealt with:

3.In which case drawee and acceptor is the same person:

4.In negotiable instrument, negotiable by usage or customs is a __________

5.Unsecured promissory note issued by a company with a fixed maturity is called

6.The financial assistance towards a promoters equity contribution is known as:

7.Who is the founder of Indian Coffee Board Workers Co-operative Society?

8.The basic rules according to which the books of accounts should be audited are:

  1. Assessing the value of an assets on the basis of utility is called:

10.‘Grand man of co-operatives’ in India:

11.“In seeking the good of others we seek our own” is a quotation from the founding of:

12.SGSY was launched from:

13.All India Handloom Board was established in:

14.Total number of classification of society according to type as per the amended rule 15 is?

15.The State Co-Operative Bank Federation was setup in :

16.Declaration from the companion of voter deals in form number :

17.Which Rule of KCS Act deals with Staff pattern:

  1. Who is responsible to write off bad debts in a co-operative society?
  2. Fee for Appeal for refusal of identity card:

20.Which is the third ICA principle in 1995?

21.Who recommended Travancore Paraspara Regulation in 1914?

22.Carriage expense is generally debited to:

23.Headquarters of LADDER:

24.Trade name of umbrella manufactured by Consumer Fed:

25.Muttathe mulla was  first started in ________ district

26.Staff Training Institute of KSCARDB is located at

27.PACSOFT 2000 is the brand name of :

28.Leader of 3rd Kerala Co-operative Congress held at Thiruvananthapuram:

29.One Time Settlement relates to :

30.Rubber mark is an example of ____________ society

31.In rubber marketing society E Class membership is given to ___________

  1. Which was the publication of Kerala primary co-operative societies staff association :

33.Who was the co-operative minister at the time of first deposit mobilization campaign (1976):

34.Teacoi tea factory introduced in the year :

35.Expand FSN Analysis:

36.Stand by arrangement scheme was started by ___________in __________

37.Cost-volume-profit  analysis is also known as :

38.VVV scheme relates to :

39.Section 58 of Transfer of property act defines :

40.In which rule deals with exception of audit fee for SCU:

41.A contract entered in to between the parties by words is called:

42.Which section of Indian Contract Act defines A contract of guarantee :

43.Who defined the functions of management for first time?

44.“Knowledge ,Reasoning and Enlightenment” is the slogan of:

45.Application for renewal for affiliation to SCU shall be sent at least ________month before the date on which the affiliation ceases:

  1. The province of England which is considered to be the pioneer of wholesale co-operative movement was______________:

47.Expand COSTECH:

48.The area of operation of a society is not overlapping with the area of operation of another society of similar types is mentioned in section ________of KCS Act:

49.‘A Century of Co-operation’  is written by :

50.‘Agricultural Co-operation in the Commonwealth’ is the book written by:

51.The term ‘Lead Link Scheme’ relates to ________ type of society :

52.A register of details of all registered societies along with the date of amendment of byelaw should be maintained in form no:______

53.Mehta committee on co-operative administration was appointed in the year:

54.Tests of control are not concerned with ________ of controls :

55.Formation of co-operative wholesale store was the development of co-operation in :

56.The members of KOLKHOZ, are organized into working group are known as :

57.A global mark for co-operatives by the  ICA “coop” was introduced in the year :

58.Distress purchase scheme related to ___________ co-operative society:

59.Lush baby oil is a product of :

  1. Suppliers personal accounts are shown on the ________

61.If it is required to maintain fixed capitals then the partners shares of profits must be:

62.Agricultural finance committee was headed by :

63.Aksharapuraskaram by SPCS 2021 award winner :

64.KYC guidelines norms have been introduced on the recommendation made by:

65.In fulfillment of ______________ concept, contingent liabilities are shown outside  the balance sheet:

  1. When goods distributed as free samples debited to ___________ account:

67.A co-operative bank may issue unsecured debentures or bonds with initial or original maturity of not less than:

68.The book “ The Psychology of Management“ was published by:

69.RUBCO is classified as ___________ type of society:

70.Cattle breeding co-operative in Denmark:

71.The federated co-operative ltd. is the wholesale societies of :

72.Which was the first collective farm organized in Bulgaria?

73.Multi State Co-operative Societies Act 2002 was based on the recommendations of _______________

74.The first meeting of a new committee shall be convened within __________ days from date of election:

75.Shares enjoyed ‘disproportionate voting rights’ are called:

76.For conducting an enquiry, requisition required from not less than ___________ of total members:

77.Village adoption scheme: SBI::Village adoption program: ____________

78.Co-operative tribunals are the recommendations of ___________

79.The co-operative societies are exempted from compulsory registration of instruments as per section___________ of KCS Act:

80.Headquarters of Tobacco Fed is situated at:

81.Processing unit of consumer fed :

82.Jhunjhunu is the power plant of :

83.Neelokeri experiment is related to:

84.__________ is an app that lets you make simple, easy and quick payment transactions using unified payments interface(UPI):

85.General body defined in section ___ of KCS Act :

86.Interest on capital is to  be credited to ____________ account:

87.COPOL is a product of:

88.A set of procedure specially designed for each audit is called:

89.Passing annual report is an important duty of the ___________

90.In a co-operative building society the ownership of land is ______________

91.The word credit is derived from the ____________ word ____________

92.Errors canceled by themselves are called:

93.The person sending out the goods is called:

94.Terms and conditions of service of State Co-operative Election Commission deals with:

95.Trade Deposit : Consumer Societies :: Trade Credit: _____________

96.An audit report which contain certain conditions are called:

97.Indian Tourism Co-operative Ltd. (Co Op Tour) is sponsored by _________ organization

98.“Anthipacha” is related to _____________ co-operative organization:

  1. Mutual Aided Credit Society in Japan:

100.Who promulgated the theory of “Bureaucracy”:


1.Secretary KVI Board

2.Rule 188 A

3.Bill of Exchange

4.Share warrant

5.Commercial papers

6.Seed capital

7.A K Gopalan

8.Audit principles


  1. Nehru






16.Rule 38

17.Rule 188

18.General body

  1. Rs.50

20.Member economic participation

21.P. Rajagopalachari

  1. Trading Account





  1. ICM

28.Thachadi Prabhakaran

29.Credit societies

30.Commodity Marketing Society

31.Rubber Board

  1. Sahakarana sabdam

33.Baby john


35.Fast Slow Non-moving  Analysis


37.BEP analysis



40.Rule 170

41.Express contract

42.Section 126

  1. Henry Fayol

44.KRITHI fest 2018

  • month


47.Kerala State Co-operative Institute for Information Technology

48.Section 7(1)


50.Marget Digby

51.Consumer society

52.Form no:4








60.Purchase ledger

61.Credited to partners current account


63.Sunil P Elayidam

64.Financial action task force

65.Full disclosure


  • ears

68.Lilliam Gilbreth

69.Federal Agro Industrial Society

70.Bull club



73.Brahma Prakash Chaudhary Committee

  • week

75.Founder shares

76.1/3rd of members


78.Committee on Co-operative Law1957





83.S.K. Day

84.Bharat Interface for Money (BHIM)

85.Section. 2(k)

86.Capital account

87.Malabar District Producers Sales Society

88.Audit Programme

89.General body


91.Latin word, Creditum

92.Compensating Errors


94.Rule 35C

95.Marketing Societies

96.Qualified Report

  1. NAFED

98.Matsya Fed


100.Max Weber


100 ചോദ്യങ്ങളും ഉത്തരങ്ങളും

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