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1.Section 2(tb) of KCS Act defines _______:

2.A court fee stamp of Rs.___ should be affixed with the original application:

3.In apex societies Govt. nominees are appointed by:

4.Minimum service required for the employees for receiving gratuity is:

5.Calculation of the audit fee for the society dealing in goods (except coir societies) is on the basis of:

6.Which is the amount of penalty for the offence of providing wrong information knowingly:

7.The affiliation fee for the society having the paid up share capital Rs. 40 Lakh and above:

8.Form no. 38 deals with

9.The Tribunal shall pass an order with in _______ months with direction to communicate the copies thereof within 15 days to the parties thereof:

10.Every society shall adopt the staff pattern indicate in Appendix_____ to these rules, according to the type and class to which it belongs:

11.Act X of 1952:

12.MSCS Act 2002 contains ________ sections:

13._____ has a power to supersede a managing committeeof a society

14.The number of members in Representative GB is ______ when the number of members is above 2500 but below 10000:

15.__________ is the head of the managing committee of a co-operative society:

16.RAIDCO, RUBCO classified as _______:

17.MSCS Act 2002 was based on the recommendation of __________ committee:

18.The majority required for the expulsion of members in special General body:

19.Period of maintenance of purchase book:

20.The maximum affiliation fee is _________:

21.There were 7 principle in 1937, ICA classified the co-operative principles in to 2 categories as:

22._______ is known as apostle of co-operation

23.Ireland is famous for _________ co-operatives:

24.First personnel manager in the world:

25.HSB School is at _____in Sweden:

26.Who advocated the formation of communist colonies called phalanstere?

27.Co-operative groups with no registration  and were affiliated to Anglo- Palastine Company:

28.Co-operative hospital for low income families first started at________:

29.Headquarters of Asian Development Bank:

30.Fighting poverty in Asia and Pacific is the motto of :

31.Chapter X A of KCS Act deals with :

32.Section 3 of 1904 Act deals with _______:

33.Provision for audit fee was mentioned in ______ Act:

34.NAFED has a foreign terminal at:

35.The co-operative spinning mills are governed and controlled under:

36.Expand NHRDF

37.First stock exchange in India:

38.Expert committee on rural credit by NABARD

39.The report of AIRCSC contained 3 volumes as:

40.Extension of agriculture refinancing corporation is the recommendation of:

41.Section 28 of KCS Act deals with :

42.Staff training institute of KSCARD Bank:

43.CAPE is registered under the __________ Act:

44.First milk society is:

45.In which RCMPU Alappuzha is included:

46.Dinesh beedi came into being:

47.6th co-operative congress is held at:

48.Kerala Institute of  Co-operative Management is located at:

49.Third land mortgage bank is at:

50.The term mandis is related with:

51.Window dressing is the term associated with________ societies:

52.Edward A Filene known as the pioneer of urban credit movement in _________:

53._________ denotes multipurpose co-operatives in Japan:

54.E V Neale was the famous co-operator in:

55.Indian Trust Act is:

56.The co-operative legislation in Japan is:

57.The first sericulture in Japan is established in:

58.The federated co-operative Ltd. Is the wholesale societies of :

59.Year of Transfer of Property Act :

60.Double lock system is related to:

61.Under single entry system ______&______ are maintained

62.Statement of affairs method is also known as:

63.Dual aspect concept states that every change in resources brings equal change in _______:

64.Debit all expenses & losses and credit all incomes and gains is the rule of _______ account:

65.When a payment or receipt of cash in a transaction is postponed to a future date by agreement is called ____:

66.Expenditure which is incurred during an accounting period but is applicable either wholly or in part to future profit:

67.The summary of transaction recorded in the journal is called:

68.The processing of transferring entries from journal to ledger in which order

69.Amount write off in the value of intangible fixed assets are called:

70.Goodwill which influence the ability of business is called:

71.When a transaction is recorded twice in the books of original entry or posted twice to the ledger account such error are called:

72.Which is to serve as a ready handbook of practical guidance to the auditors of co-operative societies and to those who are responsible for maintenance of account:

73.Rule 64 B of KCS Act deals with:

74.Which type of audit is adopted by societies having large volume of business and which have huge daily transaction:

75._________ audit involves re-audit of the accounts of the society:

76._________ audit is operates in the opposite direction of normal audit procedure:

77.In which auditing the auditor should examine the result of various schemes implemented with reference to its plan and economics of expenditure incurred:

78._________ is an outline of work to be done during the course of audit:

79._________ act as an evidence of work done by the auditor:

80.Remuneration of internal auditors fixed by:

81.Unit banks are linked with bigger banks by a system is called:

82.Which was the relationship between the banker and customer when the safe deposit locker:

83.RBI act as a banker to Govt. as per section ______ of RBI Act:

84.A collecting banker is given the statutory protection only when he act as _______:

85.Accepting bill of exchange on behalf of customer is an ______ function:

86._______ controls the credit structure of India and provides refinance facility:

87.The fee for filing and resolving customers complaints under banking ombudsman:

88.The appellate authority of Banking Ombudsman is vested with:

89.Expand PIN:

90.Expand MFP:

91.The authorized capital of DICGC is _________ which is fully issued and subscribed by the RBI:

92.___________ principle says that the work should be divided into different parts and each part should be entrusted to the most suitable person to do it:

93._________ classified the elements of management in to 5 groups:

94.The book “Principles of scientific management” was written by:

95.The complete study of the job embodying every known and determinable factor is called:

96.Section 10 of NI Act deals with:

97.Specialists are appointed  in top position throughout the organization is the feature of __________:

98.Decision taken under competitive situation is________:

99.The network or pathway of informal communication is_____

100.A management technique enable the management to select the best alternative out of number of alternative proposals is called:



1.Vigilance Officer



  • years

5.On sale proceeds



8.Declaration from companion in vote

  • months

10.Appendix III

11.Travancore Cochin Co-operative Societies Act





16.Federal Agro Industrial Society

17.Brahma Prakash Chaudhary Committee


  • years


21.Essential and nonessential



24.Robert Owen


26.Charles Fourier





31.Insured cooperative banks

32.Constitution of societies




36.National Horticulture Development and Research Foundation


38.Vyas Committee

39.Survey report, general report & technical report


41.Appointment of committee


43.Travancore Cochin Literary, Scientific and Charitable Societies Act 1955

44.Thirumala vanithaksheeravyavasaya co-operative society




48.Neyyar dam, Trivandrum

49.Guwahati in Assam

50.Primary marketing societies

51.Primary consumer societies


53.J A



56.Industrial co-operative law





61.Cash book and personal accounts

62.Capital comparison method


64.Nominal account

65.Credit transaction

66.Deferred revenue expenditure


68.Analytical order


70.Catly goodwill

71.Error of duplication

72.Audit manual

73.Audit report

74.Concurrent audit

75.Test audit

76.Balance sheet audit

77.Efficiency audit

78.Audit programme

79.Audit working paper


81.Correspondent banking

82.Lessor & lessee



85.Agency function


87.No fee

88.Deputy governor of RBI

89.Personal Identification Number

90.Minor Forest Produce

  • crore

92.Division of work

93.Henry Fayol

94.F W Taylor

95.Job analysis

96.Payment in due course

97.Functional organization

98.Game theory

99.Grape wine

100.Capital budgeting

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