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Deepthi Vipin lal


Prepared by : Rajesh P V Karippal;
( Principal, Co-operative Training College )


1. ______ was the society established by the followers of Robert Owen.
2. The first woman member of Rochdale Equitable Pioneer Society was ___
3. _____ is the global organization of co-operatives in the fisheries sector.
4. ____ was the president of ICA when the global mark of co-operatives ‘COOP’ was
5. ____ principle is known as the principle of growth.
6. Raiffeisen doesn’t believed in distribution of ____
7. ____ is known as the torch bearers of the rural credit co-operatives.
8. The romance of Co-operation is described as the co-operative farming of ___
9. Union of Aid of Improved farmers was organized by Woollen Berg in __
10. ___ is the insurance co-operative for workers in Denmark.
11. NCDC was established during the __ five year plan.
12. _____ was formerly known as All India co-operative instructors training centers.
13. Who was the chairman of High Level Working Group appointed by Government of India in
14. Non-overdue cover is a condition stipulated by ____
15. ___ is at the primary level of KCMMF.
16. Coir board is a statutory organization formed by ____
17. Headquarters of Hantex is at ____
18. ‘The best security that a co-operative society can give is the quality of its members’, who
quoted this statement?
19. RAIDCO runs a fruit canning unit at ___
20. General body of NCDC consist of __ members
21. Initial Share capital of NABARD was ___
22. ‘Lack of training both before and after registration’ is a famous quotation of ___
23. Government guarantee for interest of debentures was the main recommendation of ___
24. Panchayath should help labour societies by giving construction works was the
recommendation of ____
25. Chairman of the committee on co-operative processing, 1961 is _____
26. In ____ banking system, two or more incorporated banks comes under a single
27. Inspection of RBI is mentioned in Section __ of BR Act.
28. ____ is the fiscal agent of the government and manages the monetary system of the
29. According to ___ principle of note issue, the note issue should be restricted to the
volume of gold held by the central bank.
30. Regulation of consumer credit is a _____ method of credit control by central
31. _____ is the custodian of foreign exchange reserve of India.
32. Liability of the maker of promissory note is ___ and ___
33. If the alteration does not affect the fundamental character of the cheque, it is called ____
34. Bills which are payable on demand is called ____
35. When the bill is ___, a small rebate is allowed for the unexpired period of the bill.
36. Expand PLR.
37. A person who has signed his assent upon the bill is called ____
38. _____ are issued by a bank on another branch of the same bank or a different
39. As per section _ of NI Act, it is the statutory duty of the banker to pay the cheque of a
customer in a usual course of business.
40. Schedule 3 of balance sheet of a banking company records ___
41. ____ loans are given on the personal credibility of the borrower.
42. In the case of minor whose guardian is appointed by the court, he remains minor till the age
of __
43. ____ is an unsecured money market instrument issued in the form of promissory note.
44. Banks will suffer ____ risk, if the banks are dealing with countries that are suffering
from economic or political crisis.
45. ___ is the delivery of financial services at affordable costs to the vast sections of low
income groups.
46. Payment banks are not allowed to give __.
47. The decision of the banking ombudsman can be appealed before ___
48. Bonus share issue is made out of __ profit.
49. Expand CRAR.
50. Expand IRAC norms.
51. Debit in expense means expense __
52. Budgetary control relates to ___
53. ____ principle of GAAP states that all revenue must be reported when it is realised and
earned, not necessarily when the actual cash is received.
54. In the absence of going concern concept, the cost of fixed asset will be treated as an __
in the year of its purchase.
55. ____ concept does not show the true net worth of the business.
56. ___ is the excess of revenue over expenses.
57. Accounting conventions are established by ____
58. AS9 as per Accounting Standards in India means ____
59. Entries passed for transactions which are not recorded, but which will affect the financial
position and operating results is known as ______
60. Fixed asset sold on credit is recorded in ____
61. Discount column of cash book is ____
62. The expenditure to keep the asset in good condition is _____
[3:57 PM, 8/3/2022] Deepthi Vipinlal: 63. Error of ___ is not disclosed by the trial balance.
64. When a fully insured goods are destroyed, ____ account is debited.
65. Assets which have no material form and no resale value are called ___
66. An uncalled share capital of a company is a ____
67. Sacrificing ratio = ___ – ____
68. Goods sent on consignment is ____
69. In ____ method of depreciation, annual depreciation of the fixed asset is paid to the
insurance company.
70. Depreciation is an application of ___ concept.
71. Appreciation is a gain and credited to __
72. Standard current ratio is __
73. Entries passed to transfer the revenue accounts to P&L Account is called ____
74. Main purpose of capital reserve is ___
75. Calls in advance is a/an __ to the company.
76. Appointment of officer on negligence of managing committee of state co-operative union is
dealt in Section _ of KCS Act
77. Section 101 of KCS Act defines ____
78. The book ‘ co operative identity ‘ is written by ___.
79. Daily Sales book need to kept in a society for a period of ____
80. Indemnity of apex and central societies are mentioned in section __ of KCS Act.
81. Chapter __ of KCS Rules deals with the privileges of the co-operative society.
82. Statements and returns to be furnished by the society is as per rule __ of KCS Rules.
83. Custody of cash, securities, records, sales of a society is mentioned in rule __ of KCS Rules.
84. Rule 55 of KCS Act deals with ____
85. Procedure for the conduct of inquiry and inspection is mentioned in rule _ of KCS Rules.
86. Rule 91 of KCS Act deals with ____
87. _____ shall classify the societies in the state according to their type and financial
88. Chapter IX of KCS Rules deals with _____
89. Voucher file need to be kept in a society for ___ period.
90. DCA shall be competent to appoint one or more auditors specially or exclusively for the audit
of account of societies, having a working capital or annual sales exceeding ____
91. Section 67 of KCS Act deals with ____
92. At the time of attachment and sale of immovable property by liquidator, a sum of money equal
to __ of the price of the immovable property shall be deposited by the purchaser with the
sale officer at the time of purchase.
93. 3% of the total post of employees of every society shall be reserved for the physically
handicapped persons having disability of _____
94. Section 80B of KCS Act deals with __
95. 50% of vacancies of apex or central societies shall be reserved for the employees of similar
or higher category having a minimum regular service of ___
96. Rule 191 of KCS Rule is _____
97. Maintenance of service register is mentioned in Rule _ of KCS Rules.
98. Every appeal memorandum to the tribunal under section 82 shall be in form no _
99. Rule 110 of KCS Rule states ___
100. Order of Tribunal is mentioned in Rule _ of KCS Rules.

1. National Equitable Labour Exchange 26. Chain Banking
2. Eliza Brierley 27. Section 35
3. International Co-operative Fisheries
28. Central Bank
4. Dame Pauline Green 29. Currency Principle
5. Co-operation among co-operatives 30. Qualitative Credit Control
6. Dividend 31. RBI
7. Germany 32. Primary and Absolute
8. Israel 33. Immaterial Alteration
9. 1849 34. Sight Bills
10. ALKA 35. Retired
11. Third 36. Prime Lending Rate
12. NCCE 37. Acceptor/Drawee
13. Prof. D.R. Gadgil 38. Bank Draft
14. NABARD 39. Section 31
15. APCOS 40. Deposits
16. Central Government 41. Unsecured
17. Thiruvananthapuram 42. Twentyone years
18. Luzatti 43. Commercial Paper
19. Mattannur 44. Country Risk
20. 51 members 45. Financial Inclusion
21. Rs.100 Crores 46. Loans
22. Maclagan 47. Deputy Governor of RBI
23. Townsend Committee 48. Accumulated
24. Working Group on Panchayath and
Co-operatives. 49. Capital to Risk weighted Asset Ratio
25. R G Saraiyya 50. Income Recognition, Asset Classification
and provisioning

51. Increased 76. Section 89A
52. Financial Accounting 77. Power to Exempt Societies
53. Revenue Recognition Principle 78. Ian Mcpherson
54. Expense 79. Two Years
55. Cost Concept 80. Section 49
56. Income 81. Chapter V
57. Common Accounting Practices 82. Rule 33
58. Revenue Recognition 83. Rule 47
59. Adjustment Entries 84. Restrictions on borrowings
60. Journal Proper 85. Rule 66
61. Totalled 86. Termination of Attachment
62. Revenue Expenditure 87. Government
63. Principle/Compensating 88. Settlement of Disputes
64. Insurance Company 89. Five Years
65. Fictitious Assets 90. Twenty Five Lakhs Rupees
66. Contingent Asset 91. Cost of enquiry or inspection
67. Old Ratio – New Ratio 92. 15%
68. Not a Sale 93. 40% and above
69. Insurance Policy Method 94. CSEB
70. Going concern Concept 95. Three Years
71. Profit & Loss Account 96. Medical Allowance
72. 2:1 97. Rule 197
73. Closing Entries 98. Form No 15
74. Writing off the capital loss 99. Service of Notice
75. Liability 100. Rule 116

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